one night ...glam!

Do you have an really importand date and you want to look perfect?
Here are the best products and tips to use.

There are several steps that you have to take.
First of all you have to make you body skin 
smooth so you can take good care of it.
There are several ways you can do that:you can save your legs or even
better wax them with a waxing machine (1) or with the wax strips (2)

Waxing in my opinion is better cause
it makes hairs grow back slower 
but when they do,hairs are
thinner and hard to be noticed till the
next waxing.

It is really importand you relax and feel better ,cause looking good outside
is equivalent feeling good inside.
So,go and fill a tub with hot water,light candles and immerse 
yourself  into "relaxation".
Make sure the water is not too hot for your skin 
and use a cream bath to rub gently your entire body.

Something you have always to take care if you want to have a beautiful skin
is moisture of your body.There are plenty of moisturisers creams 
from which you can choose the one that matches you skin type.
Be generous with moisturisers and put it all over your body emphasizing at your neck,chest and back.

Baby oil is also perfect for your skin care
and it really makes you feel like you have smooth 
baby skin.

Now it's time to take care of your face skin.Clay mask is one of my 
personal favorites cause it provides you a long lasting freshness and also deap cleanning of your skin.
There is also a big variety of other masks that you can find.
Again the only thing you have to do is put the beauty mask of your choise on and
wash it after the shown time using plenty warm water.

Now you are done and ready to go!
P.S:You can also throw a beauty party with your friends by following step 4 and of course
putting your own ideas.

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