Music inspired outfits!

Have you ever thought how the music you hear defines your clothing picks?Sometimes you find yourself trying to find the perfect outfit to show your personality, but how much your personality portraits your music perferances?
You may find yourself in some of the categories in this post but if you don't that doesn't mean you are strange or else...This post is based on what i've seen and what i've read which means not all people is like that!

So...I see a boho style girl and my curiosity kills me!What else can i do?I ask "What is your favorite music type?" 90% percent of the answers are indie rock or Alternative rock. So yeah if you are a boho girl you probably like rock and slow rock music. What makes me think of it as a possibility is the fact that boho style is a free style, loose bloses, dresses and boots.

So indie and alternative rock represent all those... 

Free style for free words and music and you have a bohemian style!!!

Here we come down to hip - hop dudes and gals. These are the easiest kinds of styles to figure out.Baggy jeans, hoodies and loose t-shirts for the boys and asthletic shorts and t'shirts for the girls.You can easily spot a  hip hop guy or girl because rap is not only a kind of music but also a kind of lifestyle.

The rock kind...These guys and girls love rock and hard rock and their style is so unique as the music they hear...

 The rock style has especially black and

red clothes, accesories with chains and

skulls and stuff that remind a rockstar.

Last but not least the dance kind of music and  Rn'B style. A particularly famous kind of music nowadays.It contains a lot of colours, a lot of accesories and layers of clothes, a lot of paterns together and in total a lot of "a lot". :D It is a lot simmilar like techno style as well!

NOTE: the people in the icons do not represent people that like those particular sorts of music.I just found their style inspirational for each music - style type!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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