Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are the season's must haves and they are in fashion. These skirts are so chic that are at the same time so timeless! In a black shade, they are simple and slim you down! They are the celebrities' favorites!

1. Dress shirt. A pretty classic and plain look by Jessica Alba. But I prefer..

2. Feminine blouse. A cute top adds that little extra something. Hayden Panettiere looks classy and feminine at the same time. However, you can swap the plain white with a..


3. Floral top. For a cheerful zest of colors (especially when spring is arund the corner) a floral top will spice it up a little.


4. Black from top to toe. Very basic monochromatic outfit. But make sure you add something interesting like America Ferrera is doing here; wide belt around the waist and sexy, strappy shoes.


5. Light colors. An absolutely gorgeous color combo worn by Reese Witherspoon. Light colors like white and cream/beige will enhance a nice tan.

1. Tee with mini pencil skirt. A basic casual yet sexy party look. Top it off with a leather jacket. If you want something more glitzy try a..

2. Sequin pencil skirt with a plain tee. Whitney Port does it perfectly with a basic white tee tucked in with a beautiful black sequin skirt -- highlighting her long, lean and tanend legs. Simple and chic. Have in mind that an eye-catching skirt will draw attention to your lower part.


3. Flats and cardigan. For a more laid-back everyday, wear a pencil skirt with flats and cardigan. Alexa Chung combines it perfectly with a mix of feminine silk top, short pencil skirt and toning it down with a cardigan and girly ballerina flats.


4. Black t-shirt. A very sleek yet trendy outfit worn by Eva Mendes. Team up a basic black t-shirt with a red hot, eye-catching pencil skirt.


5. Leather pencil skirt and blazer jacket. For a little edge swap up your regular black cotton skirt with leather. Tone down the biker look with a basic tee and tights. And to smoothen the edges, top it off with a sophisticated blazer.


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