Androgyny Style

Who said men clothes is just for men?Of course not!Women can also have a unique androgyny style with men clothes. Well not make me be missunderstoud!It is not as simple as wearing your boyfriend's clothes or wearing baggy clothes so as to look like a man, you can be stylish, feminine and amazing with your own woman line of mnen clothes.

But what will you need to have the complete androgyny outfit?Here are some basic things!(please don't wear it all together cause you will look like a man for real)...

Don't be afraid to pick one with edgy details because if you choose a plain hat you will have to add accessories on you neck or hands.Mix it with high heels and a white shirt to make it look more sophisticated, or you can wear it with a dress for a cuter outfit.

The absolut MUST have in every woman's closet. You can mix it with everything you want and be amazing!

3.White Shirt

Who doesn't have one?Must have!No more words...It looks perfect with everything you want to wear, a pencil skirt,trousers, shorts!Be creative!;)

4.Oxford Shoes

Whether flat or with heels they are a trend!Many women are afraid to wear them because the are edgy but i think this is a cool item for a woman's closet!

5. Bow Tie or Tie

Years ago ties had become a trend for women. months now we've seen also bot ties come out and make the ultimate androgyny style.

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