Must try out these PERFUMES in the next years!Trust me...(Part 1)

Last week i went to a shopping spree and had the time to test some perfumes which i surely knew about but i didn't have the time to try them out!So i got the store's testing papers and begun the "crash" test!!!
So...this will be the first part of the post with my personally favorite ones!
You may tell me "yeah ok with that but i don't care if u like it if it doesn't appeal me". From what i've heard every perfume smells different on different skins...But since i question people about these 5 first perfumes i think they are really good!:)
So here they are...

1.     ALIEN - Thierry Mugler


 Oh my god i just L-O-V-E this one!how can a small bottle like this contain something so "precious". Like the name of the bottle "gemstone" this perfume is so rich and lovable that i already bought supply for 2 years!With wood and flowery smell it is perfect for dates and events...It's not very romantic but trust me...It really compel guys!;)

2.   Taj sunset - Escada

What can i say about this one?It surely Caught my sister (which is very difficult in her perfume picks).
This is the first perfume i smelled and wanted to just eat it!!!:D
It's so sweet and "preety"!(i don't know what words should i use to describe the things i smell :S)
But you DEFFINITLY have to try out this one!

3.    Flower by kenzo - Kenzo

My mom's favorite!I don't know if i am apealed to the fact that it reminds me of my mom or that it is a pure, sweet perfume but if u try it you will see what i mean!Flowery till the bone it smells like spring and love...(i don';t even know what that means, i just type down what i think when i smell it).So...try it!it is worth it!!!

4.   Narciso Rodriguez for her - Narciso Rodriguez                                          

 I choose not to say anything about  this one!Smell it and you will see ;)

5. Mis Dior Cherie - Christian Dior

That's it!!!!!!!I give up!is sooooo hard to describe perfumes!On the next parts i will just show them to you!And you will describe them without me interfer!

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