Fashion From Yesterday

As I have already said today's fashion is 
all about the past!

Haven't you ever wish you could live in the Middle Age 
so you could wear long dresses and find prince charming?

I got you one more reason to love this 
century and copy their style...


 There are several ways to wear corsets.

Whether as a top with jeans or even better as an apsolutely sexy underwear that all men love!

Waste is one of the most feminine parts of women body that drives men mad.
So don't you thing that it is time to show it off?

The white one is perfect for the wending night for all those
that are planning to.You can choose one with lace and
simple pattern.

For those who prefer something "hotter" there are several corset that you can pick

As I always do I have to prove you that it is a trend so...
these are two celerities that are corset lovers!

Rihhana of course is one of them and she

knows how to look perfect in them!
(as I said corsets and jeans are the 
perfect combination)

My personal favorite dita von tease!
She is ALWAYS wearing corset like an original
pin up girl (in her own way).

Corsets are kind of expensive for what I know.
They cost about 100$ (an ordinary one) so if you decide to take one
you better work hard to!

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