Sunglasses Spring-Summer 2011

I wanted to make this post because when the first rays of the sun comes up everyone runs off to buy new glasses!That's what i'm doing two weeks now.So i will show you the most fashionable glasses for this spring and summer!!!

First we have the basics...Everyone has an aviator pair of sunglasses!It is practical and you can match it with every outfit because the colours are usually neutral!

Then we have the wayfarers!Brought from the past with a lot of colour and awesomeness it has been last years must have!This year is similar as it seems like they're here to stay!I personally like the blue ones this spring to match them with floral dresses :P

And last we have the "jackie ohh" style sunglasses...Perfectly made for women they make every girl feel feminine and give a feminine touch in every outfit!

Actually there are more sunglass styles but i decided to post the basic shapes that are "in" this spring!
hope you like it!!!

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