I Heart Pixar!


Do you love the "Toy Story" film franchise, but struggle to find ways to wear your Pixar heart on your sleeve? Have you long desired to dress like Woody, Buzz or one of the Pizza Palace aliens, but lack the skill to design and create your own clothing?
Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because Bossini has you covered.
The Hong Kong-based fashion label has unveiled a new line of "Toy Story"-inspired clothing, which include character print sweatshirts, costume-like frocks and fun accessories like bags and mufflers. Sure, you may have gone as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween for the past decade and a half, but now, you can wear dress like one of Andy's (former!) toys any day you'd like.
Check out a fashion shoot from the collection below, and click over to Bossini's Facebook page to see all their designs.


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