Confessions of an ex-shopaholic!

2 months ago i saw that movie confessions of a shopaholic, i'm sure you all have heard of it...And it made me think about the whole SHOPPING thing...As a nineteen years old girl i surely had times when i just wanted to buy everything, even though it may leave me money-less afterwards!XD

So...was it worth it?Probably not...I mean come on...our style and taste on clothes change almost every year!why do we have to spend all of our money and time for things we don't actually need?Yeah it is true we also buy some aaawesome stuff but in the whole we will be bored of them in a year or two...:)
That doen't mean we shouldn't buy clothes and stuff but we should think about it first and don't act on "cold blood".

Well are you a shopaholic or not? If you like to find out you can take the test HERE.
(you have to make an account first but i assure you it is worth the time)!

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