Bones in high heels...

What's wrong with the meaning of the perfect body?

More and more designers are hiring anorexic models that make clothes look worst.

Back in 80s and 90s top models used to look healthy and fit. Paulina Porizkova was one of the most famous models.Back then the ideal body for a model was a perfectly-formed female silhouette full of good-shaped curves.

Today catwalks and covers are filled with anorexic models that look sick and most times ungly.There are not much to say cause the pictures are most instructive.

Not only models but also celebrities are lured to the illusion of beautifull and skinny body.The best example is Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

This craziness sould stop!These women are the worst role model for young people.We have to rethink the meaning of beautiful.

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